Friday, May 28, 2021

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Gifted 500 Sanitary Pads : Menstrual Hygiene Day 2021

28th May is marked as menstrual hygiene day, every year. It is a day to value the natural process of women and girls of reproductive ages. The theme for menstrual hygiene day this year is “Action and Investment in Menstrual Hygiene and Health”. Aligning with the theme, I am investing a small amount to gift a sum of 500 sanitary pads to school girls of two schools, Dechentsemo Higher Secondary School and Yadi Central School, in Mongar  (250 sanitary pads for each school)

The pads that I am gifting are made in Bhutan and known by the name Chechay Sanitary PAD. Cheechay Sanitary Pad manufacturing firm is the first of its kind in our country founded by Mrs. Pema Chozom, last year, in 2020. 

During the vacations, I helped the company in marketing their products for free. Lately, as a token of gratitude, they decided to pay me a certain amount for marketing their products. So, with much love and pleasure, I am investing the money for social causes like today. 


I hope this small action and investment inspires everyone for making menstrual hygiene a priority. 

Once again a very happy international menstrual hygiene day


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Tuesday, May 25, 2021

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What is bitcoin ?

 Most people do not accept the fact that cryptocurrency is the future of money. Let me break down the concept of cryptocurrency simply in my own words. 

Firstly, what is money? In ancient times, trading started with the so-called barter system. People exchanged one good for another. Later, coins came into existence followed by paper money. 

Economists define money as anything commonly accepted by people for the exchange of goods and services. Although every country has its system of coins and paper money, other things can also often be used as money. YES, cryptocurrency too. 

Cryptocurrency is digital money traded through blockchain. Bitcoin is the first of its kind introduced by a group of people by using the name Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008. It is the same as the transformation of coins to paper money with time.

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Monday, May 24, 2021

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Understanding Digital Footprint

If you search for a particular topic like 'recipe for Bhutanese dishes', on the internet and social media platforms, the next time you visit the platform, related videos for Bhutanese dishes will be recommended. Have you ever thought about how this happens? DIGITAL FOOTPRINT is the answer.

A digital footprint is a trail of information that we leave behind when we use digital technology. Information such as IP address, location, type of device, email, credit cards, and many more are unintentionally or intentionally left behind. Third parties (like card issuers, advertisers, and law enforcement) can get access to these data to piece together our identity, and use them in some way.

Digital footprint has both pros and cons. Comment on the pros and cons below!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2021

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The journey of my life: Connecting the dots of memories

Chapter 1

This very moment, I just feel like jotting down my life story from the farthest length of my memory. People are born different in many ways. The differences start from the physical appearance to living standards, spiritual beliefs, and so on. Everybody has their share of good times and darker parts of time. I have my own story and that is what makes me, myself. 

The farthest, that my memory can travel is the day when my mom stopped breastfeeding me. Not very vivid but I remember when my mom was caught with jaundice. The milk I enjoyed turned yellow from the normal color. I stopped begging my mom for milk thereafter. I think I was about three years old then. 

There is a time gap in my memory after the aforementioned farthest memory. The next thing I can remember is guarding crops against animals, especially against monkeys. That memory could be from the time when I was four to five years old. I was enrolled in school when I was five and a half years old in 2005. That particular memory preceded the time when I was enrolled in school. 

The village of Binangri, (Mongar, Drepong) in a medium-sized traditional house with a wood-shingle roof, was where my family lived. It was quite a big family which consisted of my mom, my elder brother, my aunt (mom's elder sister), her four daughters (first cousins), and myself. A total of six children were led by two mothers. Neither me and brother nor the cousins were lucky to have a father in the family. No, I was not bothered at all to not have a father because I had not seen him at all. I won't even think of asking my mom. 

Stay tuned for the second chapter...

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