Monday, June 28, 2021

Published June 28, 2021 by Nidup Jamtsho with 4 comments

AdSense revenue in Bhutan: Bloggers and YouTubers

Google AdSense is a program controlled by google to show advertisements on the written content or video content targeted to the audiences. Fractions of money invested by advertisers are paid to content creators (bloggers or YouTubers ). Content creating job pays more than most other jobs but not in Bhutan. 

To generate AdSense revenue from YouTube, one has to comply with both the policies of YouTube and AdSense. Google AdSense does not restrict Bhutanese to monetize with advertisements. However, the YouTube policy restricts Bhutan (and few other countries) from YouTube Partnership Program. 

Chablop Passu, a renowned blogger from Bhutan, recently highlighted the challenge faced by aspiring YouTubers of Bhutan in his blog, 'Passu Diary'.  "How odd is it that some ignorant tech guys had deprived us of our sovereignty for a long time? Sometimes, I doubt their intentions. How could a big tech company not know that Bhutan is a sovereign country?" he questioned in his article titled ' Digital Sovereignty of Bhutan'. He concluded with his suggestion and opinion to fix the issue. Find the full article on his blog. 

Only a handful of Bhutanese makes money from YouTube by borrowing locations. For example, PindaPanda (Pinda Rika Dorji) a gamer and content creator is Bhutanese residing in Malaysia. Few others are residing in Bhutan but changing the locations to apply for YouTube Partnership Program. 

It is sometimes frustrating but has no option at the individual level. Have to accept with big hope for fixing the issue soon. Meanwhile, more Bhutanese should work harder to learn content creation. What if YouTube accepts Bhutan for their Partnership Program next year or a few years from now? The content-creating skills will be so useful at that time. Social capital gained now will be more useful. 

The GOOD NEWS is, Bhutanese can earn via AdSense from blog sites. One can monetize blog sites from, WordPress, google sites, and so on. Some of the monetized blog sites from Bhutan are; Passu Diary, Pelden's Diary,, and this blog as well. So, we still have a way to generate revenue with AdSense. 

Let us hope for fixing things and solving most of the unemployment problems in our country by content creating jobs.


  1. All thanks to you dear. Let us walk this journey together, and take others with us as well 😀

  2. It a wonderful piece of writing. 🤗

  3. What a coincidence, I received my Google Adsense PIN today after ages. It was received by Bhutan Post on 23.11.2020 but somehow I spent days in Post Office and couldn’t find it there...suddenly it appeared today out of nowhere.

    Anyway, I had it fixed using an alternative away before.

    Thanks for mentioning but I must confess that Adsense is not that attractive anyway