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Brief Profile of Rigzin Research & Consultancy Services

I would like to share a brief profile of Rigzin Consultancy, for your information. 



Realizing the government’s noble vision of recruiting multi-skilled and competent civil servants through the conduct of competitive exams by the RCSC; we initiated the first BCSE (RCSE) coaching program in the country in 2011, to participate as a humble contributor in the national Human Resource Development. 


Our Professional Team of Tutors:

Consist of university graduates who have exhibited scholarly achievements in their undergraduate degree and their subsequent engagement with the BCSE course program organized by our coaching center has positioned themselves as overall national toppers, super-achievers, and record setters in the various BCSE category;

As a token of their successes, they have voluntarily joined our coaching center as professionalized tutors to sustain the ever-growing reputation of our consultancy and to translate the similar results of meritocracy to the upcoming graduates;

Our team of experts is secured with a high level of enthusiasm, competency, dynamism, dedication, and academic perspectives, with experiences ranging from five to sixteen years. 


Our Course Books and Materials

Course Books and Materials are developed through exhaustive research by respective subject specialists considering the pattern of questions asked in past BCSE, consistently updated annually, and incorporate feedback as suggested by BCSE super-achievers and tutors;

The outreach of our course books and materials is extensive as it is referred by most BCSE aspirants, including non-course takers passed from senior to junior graduates or from elder to younger siblings. The reachability to maximum graduates portrays its usefulness and benefits. 

In the interest of our course takers, we print limited copies of updated course books (just sufficient) to be issued free of cost to our course takers only as supplementary resources to guide their missed topics during the classroom-based sessions.  


Our Commitments

We undertake the BCSE coaching program with the greatest commitment by paying special attention to graduates facing difficulty in either of the four components of P.E. (for instance, we concentrate on graduates requiring special needs in Math, Dzongkha, or English component owing to the non-inclusivity of the said subjects during the undergraduate program). We also emphasize those fast learners to enhance their intellectual abilities further. The close observations, extended hours of teaching, and one-on-one sessions are the preferred mode of sessional delivery that makes our coaching program, distinctively unique and assistive. 

To equip our course takers with adequate practical skills, we organize time-observed and RCSC rules bounded ‘Mock Preliminary Examination’ through the application of the OMR Sheet, a session on procedural conduct, and follow-up feedback for need-based improvements. 

These facilities are provided without any additional fee. 


Our achievements (2011 to 2020)

With the joint efforts of tutors, management, and graduates; the course takers of the center have secured commendable results in three consecutive years (2018-2020) as under:

2020: Whole Bhutan Toppers (08) and Other Category Toppers (26). Total (34);

2019: Whole Bhutan Toppers (07) and Other Category Toppers (28). Total (35);

2018: Whole Bhutan Toppers (10) and Other Category Toppers (36). Total (46);


The records from 2012- to 2020 reveal the following achievements:

National Overall Toppers: 9 (2012- 2020);

Qualified to RIM (PGDPA, PGFM, and PGDNL): 40-50% annually; 

Qualified B.Ed. Graduates (2016-2020): 85-95% annually;

Qualified to PCE and SCE (PGDE): 75-85% annually. 

Qualifier for Technical Category: 50-60% annually. 

Total Graduates (2012-2020) passed from this center: over 11,000;

Managing Team 

To ensure smooth and efficient operation of daily coaching sessions, we have a proactive management team, that is customer-friendly with experience in responding to changing dynamics of the situation and in preparing customized/flexible teaching-learning schedules through systemic coordination between the subject tutors and group coordinators. 

In addition, the management team has undergone “COVID-19 Safety and Health Protocol Training” in 2020 (organized by MoH and MoLHR) which enabled them to organize a coaching program following COVD-19 protocols and guidance. The classrooms are equipped with sanitizers and thermometers so that COVID-19 requirements and social distancing mandates have been fully adhered to. The welfare and safety of our course takers are our utmost priority.

The core team members of the management team hold a Master’s Degree in Buddhist Philosophy with experiences in serving various capacities as consultants, resource persons, curriculum developers, researchers, and lecturers for nine years and have produced proficient research books and papers. 


To assure the quality surveillance of day-to-day programming during Coaching Session; I, as the overall Program Director, would be constantly monitoring and supervising by spearheading consultative meetings and feedback sessions with the tutors and the graduates.  


Mr. Rinzin Dorji, 

Founding Director.


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