Tuesday, December 12, 2023

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Australia Tightens the VISA Conditions

Australia's Home Affairs Minister, Clare O'Neil, has unveiled comprehensive reforms aimed at reshaping the country's migration system, addressing perceived issues. The government plans to implement stringent visa rules over the next two years to reduce immigration, focusing on both international students and skilled workers.

For Australia Student Visa, the new policies mandate higher English proficiency scores, requiring Graduate visa applicants to achieve 6.5 (up from 6.0) and student visa applicants to attain 6.0 (up from 5.5). The changes also involve increased scrutiny on second visa applications.

In the realm of Australia Work Visa, the government intends to introduce the "Skills in Demand Visa," replacing the existing temporary skill shortage visa. This four-year visa offers three pathways based on skill levels, catering to specialists, core skills, and essential skills, with associated income criteria. The government anticipates a positive fiscal impact, projecting an addition of $3.4 billion to the budget over the next decade through these new pathways.


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