Monday, September 28, 2020

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Relating physics with everyday life: The Echo

No cliff echoes without a source of the sound. With required conditions, all cliffs echoes. This simple phenomenon has many functions that may extend beyond one's knowledge. The strength of the sound source is the weakness of the cliff and the weakness of the sound source is the strength of the cliff. 

The sound source has its own ability to produce sounds but a cliff cannot produce sounds of its own. Though a cliff is disabled of producing sounds of its own, it never fails to throw back the echo. If both the sound source and cliff are personified, one can learn a valuable lesson. 

At times, in one's life, another person would always try to blame for any kind of deteriorating factors in relationships (family, friends, workmates, etc) and take the credits for strengthening the same. When one's ego wins, he/she would start to say that another person is; not calling, not texting in social media, not giving regards, and so on. 'He/she did not talk or greet me first, so I too ignored him/her', is what we hear from egoistic individuals. 

In life, one should not always expect others to be the one to approach first to; call, greet, respect, and so on. If one tries to appear first like the sound source, others would always react and respond like the echo from the cliff.

We humans unintentionally or intentionally tend to expect many things from others. If such expectations appear in one's mind, try doing the same expected actions to others.


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