Saturday, September 26, 2020

Published September 26, 2020 by Nidup Jamtsho with 2 comments

Sanitary Pads out of stock? No worries: CheChay Sanitary Pad is here.

I went to a few shops and asked for a sanitary pad but, all said it is out of stock. I smiled and informed them about Chechey Sanitary Pads. They were thanking me for telling them about the most affordable pads they never heard before. Are you in the category who is not aware of the same? If so, Chechay Sanitary Pads provide the most comfortable and affordable pads for our women. Chechay Sanitary Pads is a social enterprise in Bhutan founded by a young entrepreneur Ms. Pema Chozom this year, 2020. 

The pandemic forced us to close the international gates and restrict the imported stuff with no exception for the most needed thing, sanitary pads. However, for our mothers, sisters, wives, and lady friends, the menstrual cycles continue amidst the pandemic. 

If you are a shop owner and got pads out of stock, Chechey Sanitary Pads, deliver pads to your location. Get your orders now to help our ladies maintain menstrual hygiene. For more information, check it on their website and official Facebook Page.


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